The Black Widow Movie Finally Has a Writer, and She’s the Perfect Choice

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

It’s finally happening! The most fan-requested Marvel movie of them all is finally, slowly, moving forward.

The Wrap reports that Jac Schaeffer has signed on to write the solo movie for Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. In the absence of any kind of solid confirmation regarding this movie thus far, most fans had assumed that it would never happen.

Apparently, Marvel stated at some point a few years ago that they would eventually make the Black Widow movie, but they did so in such loose, vague terms that it didn’t actually seem real.

Now, perhaps as the MCU rolls towards its pinnacle with “Infinity War”, someone at the studio has looked around and realized that they don’t have any films at all scheduled after 2019’s “Captain Marvel”. Then, in a panic, they hired Schaeffer for the one film they do have on their docket that fans are definitely waiting for.

Olaf Christmas
Source: Disney

Regardless of how this came about, Schaeffer’s appointment is absolutely perfect. A prolific screenwriter, she’s nevertheless stayed mostly on smaller projects (albeit with big stars such as Anne Hathaway attached). Her most recent work you will have heard of is “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”, the animated short which played before “Coco” until Disney pulled it.

For the record, the “Frozen” short is actually solid, it’s just not particularly welcome at the beginning of a completely different film.

The idea of Marvel hiring a female writer – specifically, one who’s worked on projects titled “Nasty Women” – feels like a step forward for a company that has always been incredibly wary of women in general.

Heck, when push came to shove, Marvel couldn’t even appoint a female director to “Captain Marvel” without making sure that she also had a man helping her make decisions. It’s almost as if there’s a big “No Girls Allowed” sign up at the company’s head office door.

Schaeffer is a smart grab if only because it suggests that Marvel won’t be making an awkward Black Widow movie that’s spearheaded entirely by men. Perhaps the studio has learned from “Wonder Woman”, and is willing to give Scarlett Johansson’s movie to a talented group of women, lest Natalie Portman drop out of the sky in a ball of righteous fury and destroy them with sheer deadpan sass.

Natasha Romanoff
Source: Marvel

The Black Widow movie may well take many more years to actually come to fruition, but at least there is progress and at least it is good progress.

Fingers crossed we get this movie slightly before Howard the Duck gets another feature film of his own.

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