The “Deadpool 2” Cable Trailer Looks Incredibly Dumb

Matthew Loffhagen
20th Century Fox
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

One of the big draws of the upcoming “Deadpool 2” is getting to see Josh Brolin as the bulky, grumpy, quintessentially 90s super anti-hero Cable.

This guy has a metal arm, far too many pouches on his costume, and when his creator, Rob Liefeld, is drawing him, he looks like somebody glued a picture of a human face onto a large pile of frozen beefsteaks.

Josh Brolin is not quite so ridiculously huge, and as such, comic book fans have been trying to get used to the idea that he will, disappointingly, look like a human being rather than a grotesque monster when he debuts in live action.

No matter how much time we had to prepare ourselves, though, it’s really hard to take the new trailer for “Deadpool 2” seriously.

Because, from the looks of things, we are actually supposed to take Cable seriously. We’re supposed to think that this is the coolest thing ever, making it all the more hilarious when the illusion breaks and his CGI arm isn’t on display.

Cable here is meant to be a parody of machismo. The whole trailer revolves around the idea that Cable is inherently very impressive and cool, and that only Deadpool is able to puncture his awesome gravitas with dumb “Toy Story” jokes.

(As an aside, it seems that Deadpool is still riding the 90s pop-culture reference train hard, which is getting increasingly tiresome, but that’s beside the point here.)

You can almost see new director David Leitch shifting the tone of the series here. Leitch, who is known for “John Wick”, has made a name for himself as a big action spectacle director, which is why we’re seeing Cable here as part of, logically, a big action spectacle. This all makes sense.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

The problem is that it’s inherently impossible to take Cable seriously, and not only because this is a “Deadpool” movie where we’re expecting nothing to be sacred. Even at the end of the trailer, the hard, fast cuts seem to be implying that this will be a big, impressive action movie, which is really not in keeping with what made the first “Deadpool” so popular.

Even in this tiny snippet of new footage, it’s clear that the tone of this movie will be very different now that original director Tim Miller has left the project.

While it’s probably too early to be certain, now might be a good time to re-evaluate how excited you are by the “Deadpool” sequel.

If the new film is genuinely going to try and be taken seriously as an action movie, it’s probably going to be a lot less interesting to watch when compared with the cartoonish fun of the original.