The “Disenchantment” Trailer is Just “Futurama” in the Past, and That’s Great

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

The teaser trailer for “Disenchantment” is refreshingly honest. There’s no beating around the bush: the small snippet makes it very clear right from the start that this show is “Futurama” in the past.

If the literal announcement of this fact within the teaser’s narration weren’t enough for you, there are also the voice actors. John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche are both here, not even trying to disguise themselves.

Plus, of course, there’s the art style, which is classic Matt Groening. That bug-eyed underbite look is worth its weight in gold in the animation sphere.

Some might think that a simple reskinned “Futurama” might be a bad thing. Why isn’t this show trying anything new, instead of simply playing to the same strengths as the creative team’s previous work?

To these critics, I say, that there’s nothing wrong with making more of a really good thing.

“Futurama” ran its course, and as much as I miss the show, I understand the need to move on. At the same time, there’s a reason this little sci-fi sitcom managed to survive cancellation so often. This is a show format with legs, and it makes for fantastic watching if you like cartoons and spaceships.

(And who doesn’t love cartoons and spaceships?!)

Source: Netflix

Perhaps the biggest appeal of “Disenchantment” is that it’s adhering to its roots, so seeing just how on-formula the new show will be is very exciting.

Besides, there are hints that something new might be brewing within this show.

A Little Variety

While the characters all look like classic Matt Groening cartoons, “Disenchantment” seems to be going with an original art style for the backgrounds.

Everything is a little more painterly, and less precise. It’s rough around the edges – a subtle nod to the pre-computer time period.

I like it. I’m eager to see more, especially if this turns out to be accompanied by other forms of experimentation and change.

Source: Netflix

As much as “Disenchantment” may share in common with “Futurama”, there are going to be different people working on this show. Different animators, background artists, and writers. This will end up feeling very much like the adventures of Fry, Leela, and Bender, but I’m intrigued by the tweaks and changes that new creatives bring.

“Disenchantment” looks like my kind of show. Sign me up!

Except, of course, this is coming to Netflix, so I’m already signed up. It’s like a beautiful free gift that’s been bundled with a subscription service that was already well worth the pricetag!