The First “IT: Chapter 2” Cast Photo is Absolutely Perfect

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

“IT: Chapter 2” is officially in production.

Based on the first official cast photo, it looks like this is going to be an incredible movie.

It’s been clear from the beginning that this second movie was going to end up with a phenomenal cast. While Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy may be the most recognizable faces here, everyone from Bill Hader to Isaiah Mustafa have proven themselves in countless productions.

IT Chapter 2 Cast
Source: Warner Bros

What’s particularly apparent in this picture is the atmosphere of humor and levity that the cast are generating.

(I also can’t shake the feeling that this might be deliberately staged like DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”, but I could be grasping at straws.)

More Than Just Scary

This is good.

The first “IT” is a horror movie, sure, but the thing that makes it compelling isn’t necessarily just the spooky ghost who eats children.

The really compelling element is seeing the kids that make up the Losers Club, as they go through their various trials.

These are fully realized, well-rounded characters. Their actors do a great job of bringing them to life, and as a result, the film is more than simply a collection of jumpscares.

We genuinely care about the characters. We want to see them succeed, and it’s fun to spend some time with them – in the brief moments when they’re not being terrorized by a town that’s filled with horrible monsters and even more horrible adults.

It’s important, then, that the sequel provides similar camaraderie between the main players in the story. I want to see the Losers Club fractured, broken, and worn down by adulthood, but still capable of enjoying a moment of childish exuberance every now and then.

Thus, based on this one initial picture, I’m eager to see what the new cast does.

Losers Club
Source: Warner Bros

The hardest part of making “IT: Chapter 2” will be making sure that the older actors live up to the commanding performances offered by the previous cast.

I’m optimistic that this will work out. It’s still very early in production, but things are looking good for “IT: Chapter 2”.