The “House Of Cards” Season 6 Trailer Actually Looks Surprisingly Good

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

Okay, take this with a pinch of salt, as the trailer in question is deliberately very brief, but “House of Cards” Season 6 looks like it might actually be fairly solid, all things considered.

It was always going to be hard to continue this show with any degree of class or quality. Kevin Spacey’s fall from grace should, by all rights, have killed the series stone dead.

None of this can be all that surprising. Netflix built an entire TV show around an actor who is known for playing creepy men, and then, he turned out to actually be a creepy man in real life. While the allegations levied against Spacey came as a shock, they do make a fair amount of sense.

Luckily, “House of Cards” has an ace up its sleeve, and she’s the center of this trailer.

In retrospect, it’s baffling that Netflix wasn’t making a bigger deal of having Robin Wright in their show before now. Princess Buttercup deserves way more credit than she gets, and there’s a sense of inevitability about her taking the limelight for this final season.

What really makes this work is the fact that (spoiler alert) Claire Underwood took office as the president at the end of Season 5. As such, with Spacey’s Frank Underwood out of the picture, it’s relatively easy to simply sidestep him entirely, dropping Claire into the hole at the center of the show.

This is what we’re meant to take away from the teaser trailer: It’s time for Claire to shine. This show will wrap up in a big finale that retroactively changes the message of the first five seasons of drama.

Once upon a time, this show seemed like the journey of Frank Underwood into a position of power. Now, the series is transforming into a complex tale of Claire’s rise out of the shadows and into dominance.

Claire Underwood is President
Source: Netflix

This is a smart move, as Claire can now be seen, to a certain extent, as the secret protagonist of the show all along. In finishing up this final season of the show, rather than canceling “House of Cards” after Spacey’s dirty laundry first came out, Netflix has managed to salvage five seasons of entertainment that otherwise would have been treated as little more than an embarrassment.

We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out as the final season of “House of Cards” debuts, and there’s a big chance that things are going to come toppling down around Claire before the end of the show, but one thing is certain: The final season of Netflix’s seminal political thriller is definitely going to be worth watching, even without Keyser Söze.