The Live Action Dora the Explorer has Been Cast, and She’s Amazing

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Paramount)

The idea of a live action “Dora the Explorer” movie is inherently farcical.

When people joke about Michael Bay’s career, fueled as it is by eternally sponging off beloved children’s franchises, the name of Dora has often come up in jest. Surely even Bay himself wouldn’t actually make a gritty reboot of this beloved children’s show!

Nope, we were wrong. “Dora the Explorer” the live action explosion-fest is on its way from Bay’s production company, and there’s nothing to do but sigh and shake our heads.

Still, though, the movie is off to a good start.

In the director’s chair will be James Bobin of “Muppets Most Wanted” fame, and now, the lead actor has been cast.

Teenage actor Isabela Moner will be taking on the key mantle.

Better Than Mark Wahlberg

What’s interesting is that Dora is a Michael Bay alum. Isabela Moner played Izabella (with a z) in “Transformers: The Last Knight”.

In case you did the smart thing and skipped that movie, here’s a clip of her acting the hell out of an important scene (while Mark Wahlberg stands around looking awkward):

Turns out, Isabela’s pretty good! If she can bring this kind of fire and energy to the live action “Dora the Explorer” movie, the whole think might not turn out to be completely terrible.

With Moner playing the lead role in this movie, and with the solid family movie director Bobin behind the camera, this might just turn into something that’s vague watchable.

The hope is that this film doesn’t become too gritty, teenage, and action-heavy. If we’re going to endure a live-action “Dora” movie, it needs to be cute, lighthearted, and suitable for audiences of all ages.

Thus far, there’s no reason to doubt that this will be the case, and I’m excited to see what Isabela Moner brings to the table.

I’m also hoping that Michael Bay stays as far away from this movie as possible. We all know about his weird fascination with sexualizing minors.

Fun fact: the first Michael Bay film that Megan Fox appeared in was “Bad Boys 2”. The played a dancer at a nightclub despite being underage at the time.

Michael Bay is really creepy, you guys.