The New Trailer For “Archer: Danger Island” is a Stroke of Genius

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: FX)

“Archer” is coming back, and this time, everyone’s favorite drunken super spy is a pilot in the South Pacific in 1939, in a set-up that’s sure to feel a lot like a classic era danger-filled adventure movie from the classic era of Hollywood.

The setting, while initially concerning (the real South Pacific in 1939 was wrapped up in the tense opening chapters of World War II), seems to be a perfect fit, thanks to one key element of the story: this is all simply still Archer’s ridiculous coma dream.

The writers of “Archer” have been making good use of this framing device as an opportunity to come up with bizarre new settings, reimagining familiar characters in order to delight longtime fans. The fact that this is all happening within Archer’s head allows for a ridiculous, glamorized version of this world that can be as overblown and nonsensical as the plot requires.

Basically, having done a spell as a James Bond knockoff, and a Humphrey Bogart-era private detective, Archer is now a lazy, washed-up pilot trapped in an proto-“Indiana Jones” movie.

The opportunities here are endless. One nice thing about changing up the story’s setting is that things don’t get boring or repetitive – the show can feel fresh and original each season, which, considering the relatively short lifespan of most animated TV shows, is an excellent way to keep “Archer” constantly feeling like something new and original.

This is, believe it or not, the ninth season of “Archer”. Where most shows would be settling into a comfortable routine by this point, “Archer” is instead innovating and shaking things up.

This could prove to be a bit of a gamble – if the newly reinvented characters or the swashbuckling setting don’t connect with audiences, the show could suffer as a result.

Based on this trailer, though, it seems like we’ll be getting bright, colorful action and adventure, and it’s hard to argue with that!