The “Riverdale” Musical Could Be the Best Episode Yet

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
(Photo: The CW)

The trailer for the “Riverdale” musical episode is here, and despite being light on any actual content, it looks intriguing.

“Riverdale” has always been a show about three things: music, bloody drama, and teenage angst.

All three of these elements are keenly on display in the trailer, and from the looks of the choreography, it seems that the show’s creative team are going all out with this episode.

There’s a certain expectation of quality that comes with a musical episode of a TV series – the bar has been set very high by other shows, and considering that “Riverdale” has always had such a strong musical element to its storytelling, this feels like it ought to be a big event.

At the time that this episode was announced, it seemed a little unexpected that the episode would revolve around Cheryl Blossom playing Carrie from the Stephen King book of the same name.

After all, there are far more complex characters going through darker story arcs that would better represent Carrie, right?

Considering the plot of the last few episodes, and how Cheryl’s struggles with her own sense of identity and sexuality have come to the foreground, this now feels like a very smart decision. The character’s progression and development through this series has been often quiet, but always interesting, and it’ll be genuinely worthwhile to see her sing out her troubles as audiences hope for some form of closure from her own evolution as a character.

Cheryl Blossom
Source: The CW

It’s easy to rag on “Riverdale” when the show gets needlessly, stupidly dark, or gratuitously weird. Moments when Betty performs striptease karaoke or when the Black Hood killer refuses to stay dead are eye-rollingly bad.

When the show is on form, though, is when its characters are allowed to express themselves in meaningful ways that reflect their various personalities, and as such, the prospect musical exploration of Cheryl’s current character development feels like it’s probably going to be a high point for “Riverdale” as a whole.