The Robot in the New “Lost in Space” Netflix Series Looks Dumb

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

Last week, we got a first look at the brand new “Lost in Space” television series that’ll be debuting on Netflix in April.

At the time, it seemed really odd that the teaser refused to show us any footage of the show’s robot; perhaps the most iconic character of the original TV series.

Now, with the arrival of a full trailer for the new show, it’s clear why Netflix wasn’t in a hurry to show off their robot. It sucks.

In a very Will Robinson-heavy trailer, we see a lot of the robot, which has a weird glowy screen on its face that’s not dissimilar to Legion of “Mass Effect” fame; a borrowed design that feels like a weird inclusion considering the source material that this new show is based on.

In fairness to the new “Lost in Space”, it seems that getting the robot’s design is very difficult. The 1998 cinematic reboot of the franchise, features Matt LeBlanc in a rare serious role and also starred Gary Oldman as a giant spider. This being the case, you’d think that the movie would be amazing (it even has Gretchen from “Mean Girls”!), but even at the time, it was panned by audiences.

Again, the robot was redesigned, and again, the creators aimed to make something that looked cool and imposing, rather than a quirky, cute design that reflects the inherently cartoonish world of “Lost in Space”.

Lost in Space Reboot Robot
Source: New Line Cinema

At least the 1998 movie had the common sense to scrap its big, bad robot design halfway through and replace it with the classic look.

The robot from “Lost in Space” is a little like R2-D2. It’s iconic, and it’s the strongest visual sticking point of the classic sci-fi story.

Attempting to completely redesign this robot is like, say, giving R2D2 a built-in jetpack. It’s clearly a bad idea.

All in all, the entire “Lost in Space” trailer looks very silly. The show is trying way to hard to be taken serious, which essentially means that it’s taking nothing of note from its namesake.

Source: 20th Television

Now more than ever, with films like “Guardians of the Galaxy” captivating audiences around the world, we’re all ready for an adorable family sitcom set in space, complete with weird and wonderful creatures.

The last thing we need is yet another gritty reboot – especially considering that this franchise has already had a gritty reboot, and it was laughably bad.

What the world needs now is more campy, silly sci-fi comedy. With its weirdly imposing robot design, it’s clear that the new “Lost in Space” will not be this show.