The Teaser For Netflix’s “Lost in Space” Looks Horribly Dull

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

When news first broke that Netflix was going to reboot the classic campy sci-fi TV series “Lost in Space”, expectations were high.

After all, Netflix thrives on making nostalgic throwbacks to the days of yesteryear, so surely this new show would be filled with the same kind of zany, colorful fun as the original “Lost in Space”, right?

Not according to the new teaser. The brief introduction to a few of the core cast of characters seems like it’s supposed to actually, shock horror, be taken seriously!

“Lost in Space” has never been a serious show. It’s about amazing outer space adventures with robots and aliens, centering on a traditional sitcom cast of characters that emulate the nuclear family.

In one episode of the original show, the Robinson family visit a prison ship, and they get attacked by a man with a cat’s cradle.

Even in the gritty 00’s reboot of the franchise, there was a ridiculous CGI monkey, Joey from Friends, and a big, bombastic evil spider Gary Oldman! This isn’t a series that’s ever been particularly serious, even when it’s trying to be!

Matt LeBlanc in Lost in Space
Source: New Line Cinema

It’s possible that this short teaser for “Lost in Space” isn’t indicative of what we’ll get in the main show. It could be that the sterile, generic JJ Abrams-esque lens flair footage won’t actually resemble the series itself.

It does seem, though, that the show is leaning a little further towards the “Star Trek: Discovery” aesthetic rather than something like, say, “Doctor Who”, with silly wackiness that better befits the ancient TV show that inspired this new creation.

Lost in Space Spaceship
Source: Netflix

If anything, this feels a little too much like the most recent “Fantastic Four” reboot; an attempt to bring gritty realism to a silly, colorful 60’s family adventure story.

If this is the case, it’s safe to say that the creators of this new “Lost in Space” have entirely missed the point.