‘The Walking Dead’ Has a ‘Pokemon GO’ Style Game, So Which Other TV Shows Deserve This Treatment?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: AMC)

It was bound to happen eventually.

With the phenomenal success of Pokémon GO last year, it was only a matter of time before other famous brands started trying to get in on the real-life augmented reality fun with their own smartphone games.

It’s a bit of a surprise that The Walking Dead got here first, though.

In the new trailer for the upcoming mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World, young players are shown fending off zombie hordes on their phone, as the screen depicts digital items that are superimposed over the top of real world surroundings.

In other words, it’s Pokémon GO with zombies instead of cuddle creatures.

This looks like it’ll probably go down well with a certain kind of Walking Dead fan, but it’s hard to imagine the new game having anywhere near the same popularity as Niantic’s Pikachu-themed experience.

So the next logical question is, what other popular TV shows deserve their own augmented reality game?

Source: Telltale

Top of the list right this second for most people is probably Game of Thrones – we’re not getting a crossover with Skyrim any time soon, so people are already eager for new gaming experiences set in Westeros.

It’s hard to imagine how exactly this would work as an augmented reality game, considering the fantasy setting of Thrones. Perhaps setting it in season seven’s big wars would be a good idea, with players able to find resources for troops in the world around them, as they stock up in advance of fighting a giant zombie dragon. That’s basically Pokémon GO meets The Walking Dead: Our World in a nutshell, and it could be a lot of fun.

Once Upon a Time
Source: ABC

As far as shows that might fit the theme of exploring the real world for hidden magical secrets, there’s no denying that Once Upon a Time would work well in this context. Players could hunt out areas where the fantasy storybook world is bleeding into our own reality, as fairies or goblins start appearing in our local neighborhoods, but are invisible to the naked eye without the use of a smartphone to reveal them.

This would be a solid idea that would work with the theme of the show, especially now that the upcoming season’s reboot will focus on a mix of fairytale characters and regular humans in a very real borough of New York.

Perhaps the best modern show to fit the Pokémon GO theme, though, is Rick and Morty.

After all, we’ve already had a Rick and Morty themed smartphone game that borrows the gameplay of Pokémon, and it works perfectly, as players collect up alternate reality Mortys and train them to fight one another.

Imagine playing Pokemon GO, but instead of trying to catch a Meowth, you’re doing battle with Pickle Rick or one of his equally bizarre inventions. Imagine hunting down rifts between dimensions, and having to close them through the use of items you’ve scavenged from your local McDonald’s.

It’s pretty much the perfect use of this technology, and what’s more, you can bet that unlike Pokemon GO, a Rick and Morty augmented reality game wouldn’t make us have to walk around to actually achieve anything.

Let’s all cross our fingers that this game might become a reality sooner rather than later. In the meantime, there’s plenty of The Walking Dead: Our World to play.

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