The World Needs A Full “Sonic Mania Adventures” TV Show

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Sega)

I admit it: over the past year, I’ve sunk very deep into the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.

Admittedly, this is essentially just revitalizing a love of the classic character from my childhood, but still, it’s nice to be back home to a certain extent.

There’s a second instalment in the new “Sonic Mania Adventures” YouTube series to drool over, and I can’t help but gush about how awesome this is. Director Tyson Hesse (a longtime member of the Sonic fan community and the creator of some fantastic webcomics that I’ve been following for years) has done a great job at making Sonic and his sidekick tails shine, despite a lack of dialogue.

As I mentioned with the last of these articles, there is one big problem with this series: these episodes are simply too short!

I understand why Sega has only committed to quick YouTube videos. Essentially, this whole series is a marketing endeavor to drum up interest in the updated “Sonic Mania Plus” video game that’ll be releasing in July.

(As an aside, the vanilla “Sonic Mania” was my favorite game of last year, kicking off my own personal Sonic fan revival.)

Nevertheless, we all know that Sonic works great on television, and I’d absolutely love to see more of these wholesome, colorful cartoons.

Best Sonic Ever

I admit to not having watched every “Sonic the Hedgehog” cartoon ever made. “Sonic Underground” looked terrible, “Sonic X” bored me, and while “Sonic Boom” is actually surprisingly good, I haven’t found an excuse to sit down and binge it on Netflix just yet.

Sonic Looking Cheeky
Source: Sega

There’s something about these “Sonic Mania Adventures” cartoons, though. Perhaps it’s the retro art style, or simply the incredible talent involved in their creation.

Maybe it’s just that now, with “Sonic Mania” on my mind at least once a day, I can’t escape the pull of new media for this franchise.

Whatever it is that’s making me care so strongly about “Sonic Mania Adventures”, I really wish we could get more than just a few tiny slices of animated glory.

Sonic Mania Adventures Part 2
Source: Sega

I get the feeling I’m not alone. Considering the view count on the YouTube videos thus far, it seems like a lot of people are really digging these animated shorts.

So maybe, if fans of Tyson Hesse’s work make enough noise, Sega will take the hint and greenlight a full series of longer Sonic stories.

It’s worth a try, right?