There’s Now a Sexy Jon Snow Halloween Costume, Because Of Course There Is

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

Have you got your Halloween costume sorted yet?

You haven’t?! But Halloween is only a little over two months away! Surely you should have been planning for this for months already!

If for whatever reason you’ve been slacking on your pumkin preparation, have no fear; one costume company has come up with the perfect sexy costume for anyone looking to get fans of Kit Harrington hot and bothered. Yes, that’s right, it’s a fishnet Jon Snow costume!


Sexy Jon Snow

Looks good, although it might need an Ikea rug before it’s fully complete.

It’s hard to imagine the target audience for a “Sexy Northern Queen costume” (as it’s described on the website). The design of this looks like what would happen if Daenerys decided to cosplay as her latest crush, with all the revealing leather straps.

The majority of Game of Thrones fansites haven’t exactly been calling out for a sexualized gender-flipped Jon Snow, so this isn’t for the die hard fans who would spend most of their time wondering why Jane Snow has decided to wear something that’s going to be so breezy.

This also isn’t for the lay fans – the casual crowd of Game of Thrones viewers would probably be happy with a Dany costume, or even something that feels a little more like it could be worn by Arya or Sansa. This, though, is definitely giving off definitive Jon Snow vibes, and that’s a bit weird.

The Sexy Northern Queen costume, then, must be designed for people who’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, but who’ve been invited to a GoT themed party, and still want the chance to dress sexily.

Which, if that’s you, great – here’s the costume you need to wear, if you think it’s worth $150.

Sexy Jon Snow Costume

For the rest of us, this is a rare glimpse into the minds of people who aren’t Game of Thrones fans, and only know about the show from memes and pop-culture references.

This is the distilled Game of Thrones Halloween experience, and above all, it’s definitely very scary.

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