Thor’s Roommate Darryl Is Set To Return For New Story

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

It’s hard to forget last year’s smash hit Marvel extravaganza.

No, we’re not talking about Captain America: Civil War, or Doctor Strange. We mean the real smash hit movie.

Team Thor.

The short mockumentary starring the God of Thunder and his erstwhile (and somewhat put upon) roommate Darryl was one of the most enjoyable experiences of 2016, despite being under ten minutes long.

Most importantly, the story of what Thor gets up to when he’s not Avenging (and when his fellow heroes are actively avoiding him) made us all incredibly excited for this year’s Thor: Ragnarok, as Taika Waititi proved that Odinson is absolutely wonderful when put in the right hands (sorry Kenneth Branagh – you gave it your best shot).

If you’re a fan of the short, good news! According to a list of features on the upcoming Doctor Strange Blu-ray, it seems that we’ll be getting Team Thor: Part 2 very soon.

Source: Marvel

This is good news for anyone who wants to see more of the very patient Darryl, as Thor forced him to send emails to the Avengers, leaves rotten meat marinating in the apartment, and generally makes life very uncomfortable for anyone in his vicinity.

There’s no word yet on what this new short will feature – considering the popularity of the first one, it’s likely that this was filmed during reshoots for Ragnarok, so Mark Ruffalo was likely on hand to make another appearance. We could even see a lighter side of Doctor Strange, if rumors of a larger role for Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie are to be believed.

Whatever we get in the movie, suddenly the Blu-ray for Doctor Strange seems a lot more important.

Let’s be honest: very few feature length Marvel movies are quite as enjoyable as some of their sharper shorts.

That’s the benefit of being able to tell a tight standalone story, after all.

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