Tom Cruise Has A Personal Butt Warmer On The Red Carpet

Madison Vanderberg

Tom Cruise is currently in London to promote his new movie Oblivion and just like any true action hero he has a minion follow him around on the carpet with a personal heater, because Tommy’s bum-bum might get cold.

Of course he does.

NO ONE ELSE in the cast has an assistant follow them down the red carpet with a heater, except Tom. Not even his co-star Olga Kurylenko who braved the freezing cold London weather in a strapless Marchesa dress.

You want to share the warmth Tom? No? It’s all for you? Ok.

But hold on for a second, can we talk about the dude holding the heater? Look at his face. He is either going to cast a spell, plotting murder, or trying to go to the restroom.

Oh but wait, there’s a reason for Tom’s roaming heat source. He was sick.

“Hang on, I need another tissue,” Tom was overheard saying to his tissue-handler, “There’s no elegant way to do that.”

Also, in case you were worried that Tom was planning to retire anytime soon, Tom says you’ll see his pretty (warm) face for A LOT longer.

“I love acting and I enjoy the process of working with the director, but I will act for the rest of my life,” he revealed.

And then he yelled at the boy pushing the heat machine, “Boy! Make it hotter! I was in Mission: Impossible dammit! Someone bring me my Suri!”

We’re kidding. About the last part, only.

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