Tom Hardy’s Possible Venom Costume Looks Cool, But How Will It Fit Within the Story?

Matthew Loffhagen
Columbia TriStar
(Photo: Columbia TriStar)

Tom Hardy’s upcoming “Venom” movie looks bizarre to say the least, and the leaking of a possible design for his symbiote suit costume doesn’t make things any less confusing.

Throughout the development of this film, Sony has been very quiet about what kind of movie it’s going to be; what the plot is, how it’ll fit within the wider “Spider-Man” and MCU canon, and even what version of the character we’ll be getting.

Perhaps this secrecy is designed to keep fans guessing, and if, so, it’s definitely doing its job – although, in fairness, it is making the majority of commenters suspicious that Sony doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing with the movie, and that they’re making things up as they go along.

In summary of several months of false leads and outright lies from executives within Sony, thus far we know that this movie will feature Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, but rumors suggest that he won’t be the same slathering, Spider-Man hating, cop-killing Eddie Brock from the comments.

It has been speculated since the beginning that, in an effort to make Venom a more appealing protagonist (bearing in mind that in the comics, he regularly murders people with reckless abandon), we might be getting a version of Agent Venom, the government secret agent, rather than the undoubtedly evil villain that shows up in “Spider-Man 3”.

This new potential costume reveal puts paid to that theory.

Venom Concept Art
Source: Mikkel Frandsen

Creature artist Mikkel Frandsen, who has worked on movies like “The Mummy”, “Justice League”, and the upcoming “The Predator”, as well as a secret “Unannounced Title” that will be hitting theaters in 2018, has debuted some pieces of Venom art in his portfolio.

This isn’t to say that these are definitely creations for the movie, nor is it to suggest that the concept art will definitely be reflective of the direction that the movie ultimately takes with Venom.

That said, it’s high quality concept art for an upcoming movie that’s been created by an artist, working in the industry, who is currently creating artwork for a mystery 2018 film. It looks suspiciously like this might just be a design that’s been considered for Venom.

If so, this is a big deal – this Venom is definitely inspired more by the classic look of the character, rather than his more military Agent Venom alternative.

It also fits nicely with a scene that Tom Hardy has been filming in which he struggles to control the Venom symbiote, hinting that we’ll be getting a more impulsive, violent, willful version of the character.

Venom Concept Art 2
Source: Mikkel Frandsen

Perhaps, then, this is why Sony has been reluctant to tie down what version of Venom we’ll be getting in the movie: they genuinely don’t know yet. Their plans could well involve mashing together a bunch of different ideas from different Venoms, and figuring out what works at a later date.

In fairness, considering the rushed pre-production that the movie has endured, this wouldn’t be a surprise. It could well be the case that Sony has jumped the gun a little, and is just hoping that everything will work out in the end even if they don’t have a solid plan in place now.

If so, this is a disappointment. It’ll probably means lengthy, last-minute reshoots. It’ll mean rapid changes in characters and script that mess with the story up until the final edit is completed.

“Venom” might well end up going the way of “Suicide Squad”, and if that’s the case, it’ll be a waste of a great actor, a moderately interesting comic book character, and any potential that the Sony Marvel Cinematic Universe may have held.

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