Tom Hiddleston Teases Doctor Strange’s Role in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Let’s face it: Benedict Cumberbatch basically just plays Sherlock in most of his roles.

Doctor Strange is no different. This version of Sherlock is a surgeon and has a weirdly offputting accent, but it’s still Sherlock, photographic memory and all.

A few years ago, you might have thought that you’d never get the chance to see Sherlock sharing screentime with none other than Tom Hiddleston’s Loki – after all, the characters exist in completely different fictional universes, right? But with the introduction of Doctor Strange to the MCU, and with rumors that Cumberbatch’s character might play a significant role in Thor: Ragnarok, now it looks like we’ll be getting just what we’ve always wanted.

Source: Marvel

Tom Hiddleston himself has been kind enough to drop a few hints as to how this will play out. Speaking on the red carpet outside the Golden Globes, he dropped the following little bombshell:

“Doctor Strange has intensely cerebral time-bending powers. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Loki's on the throne…what happened to Odin? So, maybe Doctor Strange has to help out with that particular conundrum.”

From the sounds of things, we’re not just going to get a meeting between Magic Sherlock and Loki – we’re going to get a full on showdown between the two characters, with Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange using his ability to travel in time to take on Loki’s illusions.

Whatever this battle may produce, it promises to be even more trippy than anything we saw in the Doctor Strange solo movie.

And, at the heart of it, will be Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch.

What’s not to like about that?

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