Tricks Celebs Use to Go Unnoticed in Public

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: FameFlyNet)

Some celebrities welcome the advances of fans and paparazzi when they go about the world like a regular person.

Other celebs, however, hate it.

This is how famous people try to run errands and do regular stuff in LA without being asked to take a selfie or ending up in a tabloid. Here is how celebs go unnoticed in public:


Talk on the phone.


We saw Andrew Garfield at Starbucks the other day, and literally no one noticed him OR talked to him. Why? He was quietly yammering away on his cell phone from the time he walked into the store until the time he left. It was borderline rude because he didn’t even break his phone conversation to talk to the barista. But, because he couldn’t get off the phone, people were more likely to leave him alone.


Park in a handicap spot.


If you’re famous, chances are, you aren’t handicapped. So if you park in a disabled parking spot, most people won’t assume the person hopping out of the car is going to be a celebrity. Too bad we saw Joel or Benji Madden (not sure which one) parking his huge SUV in a disabled spot in a parking lot recently.


Wear a big hat.


Just, wear a big hat.


Go completely incognito. 


You can’t tell, but the man in the wig and hat is actually Aaron Paul. Sometimes a celeb has to go full Halloween just to go unnoticed in public.


Don’t talk to anyone.


If nobody hears and recognizes your voice, they have less of a chance of noticing you. Just shut up and sit down, and maybe you can get through most of your meal before someone sees you.




Wear your hoodie up and pull it around your face. Ironically, in LA, people see someone in a hoodie and sunglasses and immediately say, “what celebrity is hiding under there?”


Wear a wig.


Wear a wig, but make sure to change it up. If you wear the same blonde wig everyday, everyone will know it’s you, Amanda Bynes.


Grow a beard.


If you’re normally a hot dude with gifted bone structure, nobody will notice you if you let a mass of hair cover your entire face.


Go without makeup.


It’s easy to go unnoticed if the public has only ever seen you in your red carpet best. 

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