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TV Couples We’re Totally Shipping Hard Right Now

TV Couples We’re Totally Shipping Hard Right Now April 27, 2018

TV couples we're shipping

    TV Couples We’re Shipping

    Ah yes, springtime. Bringing back sweet memories of my first ship, so long ago. Well, those days have passed, and Pacey and Joey ended up together after all. In the meantime, there’s a fresh new crop of TV couples we’re shipping these days. Whether they’re together on-screen or only in our fantasies, these are the television characters whose chemistry gets us all twitterpated. So sit back, relax, close the door, and get your vibrator handy. They may not bring it as hard as my man Pacey Witter, but these modern pairs are still generating some definite heat nonetheless. 

    Jake And Amy, Brooklyn 99

    TV couples we're shipping
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    From the very first episode, it was clear that the tight-laced Amy Santiago and the loosey goosey Jake Peralta were meant to be. The show has handled every stage of their developing relationship with real panache, giving us just enough will-they-won’t-they at the beginning and following through the realistic roadblocks that arise. The wedding will no doubt be epic, and that, my friends, is hella noice.