Tyrese Gibson is the Biggest Problem with the ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise Right Now

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Universal)

Tyrese Gibson continues to be one of the whiniest professional actors in Hollywood.

Not long after publicly dissing Dwayne Johnson on Instagram for the heinous crime of daring to appear in a studio-sanctioned spin-off Fast and Furious movie, good old Tyrese is now threatening to quit the franchise entirely if his demands are not met.

Because apparently, in Tyrese’ mind, that’s how responsible adults deal with workplace drama.

So what big demand does Tyrese have of the producers behind Fast 9? Simple: he wants them to fire The Rock.

Yup. Tyrese has issued an ultimatum. If Dwayne Johnson appears in the next Fast and Furious movie, then Tyrese Gibson will not.

Wow, this guy thinks a lot of himself.

It’s clear that Tyrese’s home life isn’t great at the moment. He’s in the midst of a messy custody battle, and it seems like he’s somewhat hoping for a nice, cushy paycheck to keep himself afloat.

His issue seems to be with the delay to Fast 9 that’s been caused by the Hobbs spin-off, and is taking his anger out personally on Dwayne Johnson, as if The Rock himself were the one responsible for scheduling the lineup of Fast and Furious movies that are currently in development.

Never mind that Universal would obviously have tried to build a shared universe out of the Fast and Furious franchise even if Dwayne Johnson weren’t involved. What matters to Tyrese is that The Rock is somehow to blame, and he’s going to force his bosses to fire the famous wrestler.

That probably won’t work out too well. If any movie studio of Earth has to make the choice between having Dwayne Johnson or Tyrese Gibson in their movie, they’ll never pick Tyrese in a million years.

Besides, this is very clearly a bluff on Gibson’s part. He’s already made it very, very apparent that he’s desperate for cash, so it’s really unlikely that, when offered the big money he usually earns for a Fast and Furious movie, he’d turn it down as a matter of principle.

Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce
Source: Universal

It’s still not beyond the realms of possibility that Gibson’s inane ramblings are some kind of bizarre, contrived attempt to stir up controversy and boost interest in the Fast and Furious franchise, but the longer this goes on, the more it seems like no actor would deliberately torpedo their career in this fashion just because a studio executive told them to amp up the beef.

Instead, we have to face a far more depressing reality: Tyrese Gibson actually thinks that he’s a bigger deal than The Rock.

Poor guy. The truth is going to hurt when he finally wakes up.