The Unretouched Lady Gaga Versace Ads Everyone Is Talking About

Matt Dekneef

Ready to see Lady Gaga’s Versace ad campaign like you’ve never seen it before?

Well, first a reminder of what you saw in the magazines…

They definitely have that liquid sheen synonymous with Versace’s look, rightfully boosted with some Photoshop, right?


Now without Photoshop…


Somehow, the fervent fan site got their little monster paws on the non-Photoshopped images of Lady Gaga’s Versace ads and that’s what they look like.

Noticeable differences include the removal of a couple bruises around her knees, a glossier looking wig, and a more punched up gloss and tan around the face in general.

Gaga doesn’t appear to be wearing much makeup in the photos, which has us thinking they could’ve just been test shots and not images that were intended for campaign use at all.

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