Vanilla Ice Calls Justin Bieber a Douche Again

Madison Vanderberg

Thank God for Justin Bieber, because he’s making Vanilla Ice relevant again.

Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice’s birth name) called into TMZ live to purportedly give Justin some advice on how to avoid acting like a little brat, but instead he just went on and on about how Bieber is acting like a punk and we don’t hate him for it.

As you all know, Rob Van Winkle was a lame singer of the saggy-pants backwards-hats variety of “talent,” much like Bieber.

“Justin is just running around being a clown. He forgets that the public eye is looking. He forgets that a lot of parents are buying his album and supporting him and they’re frowning on him,” says Rob.

Also, Rob says Bieber’s “lil” friends (Lil Twist and Lil Za) are half of the reason he’s such a douche.

“Nobody’s gonna help him straighten out, he’s got a lot of plastic friends around him telling him what he wants to hear. It’s an artificial life.”

Well, Bieber just kicked the “lils” out of his house, so maybe that’ll help him “straighten out.”


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