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Everything We Know (So Far) About Sony’s “Venom” Movie

Everything We Know (So Far) About Sony’s “Venom” Movie June 11, 2018

venom movie

    Everything we know about the Venom movie, and what we’re hoping for

    Does it feel like it’s taken years to get Marvel’s antihero Venom his own film? Well, that’s because it has. We’ve waited more than a decade. And we’re finally getting a Venom movie in October 2018. And we can thank our lucky stars Topher Grace will be nowhere near this project. Since we’ve still got some months before the big release, information regarding the film — its premise, its effects, its treatment of a potentially R-rated character — has been slow in coming. But we’ve been paying attention. So here’s everything we know (so far) about Venom.

    The release date

    venom movie
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    Venom is scheduled to hit theaters on October 5th, which isn’t exactly a huge weekend for movies (its biggest competition is going to be A Star Is Born), but it isn’t trying to be your typical superhero movie, either. Although it’s currently unrated, chances are high it’ll receive an R from the MPAA, which is just fine with its filmmakers. Venom looks to be a spin on horror — like a pop-ier John Carpenter film.