A Very Brief History of Celebrities Refusing to Pay for Stuff

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: wenn.com)

Why don’t celebrities want to pay for ANYTHING!?

Kourtney Kardashian reportedly didn’t leave a tip while dining in the Hamptons last week.



Paris Hilton went to a hair salon and threw a fit because the stylist wouldn’t do her hair for free.


A couple years ago, Lindsay Lohan racked up a huge bill at the Chateau Marmont and just refused to pay for it. The same year, she also stiffed her faux-tan stylist nearly $40K for spray tans.


Tara Reid was shopping at L.A. store, All Saints, and threw a fit when she found out the store wasn’t going to discount her purchases. She ended up not buying anything when she found out she had to pay.


Some celebrities don’t even pay for their stylists! “Honestly, Salma Hayek never paid a dollar, I don’t think, in all the years I’ve worked for her. She and I were best friends,” says her stylist Phillip Bloch


Justin Bieber got a tattoo last year which cost well over $1,000 and just refused to pay. The tattoo artist said Bieber finally agreed to pay for half of it.


Mariah Carey racked up a veterinary bill of $37,790.32 and didn’t pay. After the vet filed a lawsuit, she paid $8,000 of the total bill.


Prince went to NY restaurant Costata and apparently didn’t have any cash and they just left without paying the bill. A week after the incident, he still hadn’t paid.

So, why don’t celebrities pay for anything? We have no idea, we’re just letting you know that it’s a really dumb thing that happens. 

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