VIDEO: Amanda Bynes Walking Her Dog After Rehab

Madison Vanderberg

LOOK! Everyone look! Amanda Bynes is out of rehab and doing normal human things, let’s all crowd around and make it more difficult for her to recover!!!!

Amanda has finally ended a marathon stint in a Malibu rehab facility and is now living at her parents’ home in LA.

TMZ found them (because they were camping stalking outside her home) walking their dog on a family outing. Amanda didn’t talk much except to say “thank you” whenever the cameramen complimented her.

She also hasn’t lost her urban vibez; she was wearing a “Gangsta Love” sweatshirt.

Amanda’s hair is chin-length now and she died it dark brown. Remember that she shaved off all of her hair in New York.

Amanda appears healthy in the new video. It’s good to have you back, girl, just stay far away from Twitter!


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