Video: Cory Monteith Plays Druggie in Final Role

Matt Dekneef

Cory Monteith had just completed filming a movie before his passing on July 13—a crime drama titled McCanick, in which he plays a junkie and street hustler named Simon Weeks.

The film will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival complete with his posthumous performance next month.

Until then, a clip has been released featuring Cory opposite co-star David Morse, who plays the film’s eponymous character.

Sporting long, untamed hair, all dark clothing and a shaky demeanor, Cory embraces the role that many of us knew he had experience with—he had been open about his former bouts with drugs, alcohol, and rehab—but few, if anyone knew it was still an ongoing and desperate struggle.

You can watch Cory in his final acting role here:

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