Want to Date Robert Pattinson? Be a Hipster.

Matt Dekneef

We’ve looked through Robert Pattinson’s dating history and there is a clear, obvious commonality that links them all. Reviewing each girl’s personal style, it reads like a rundown of “How to Date RPatz.”

First, you should channel Riley Keough’s ‘70s-KateHudson-in-AlmostFamous aura.

Dan Jackman/WENN


Infused with a little of Dylan Penn’s effortless beauty.

Brian To/WENN


Of course, you’ll need a lot of Kristen Stewart’s rebel-without-a-cause attitude.



Mixed with a little of Katy Perry’s quirky personality.


(Don’t forget that these two were rumored to be an item in the past.)


Show your worldly side with Cleo Wade’s sense of global style.

Valentine NYC


And finally, some of Nettie Wakefield’s classic charm.



Combine it all and you’ll be dating Rob in no time, says history.

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