The Wanted Challenged One Direction To A Beat Down

Madison Vanderberg
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The Wanted has challenged rival boyband One Direction to a bar brawl, to finally settle the score on who is a better boy band, The Wanted vs. One Direction.

It’s supposedly a challenge, but it sounds more like a massacre.

“It’d have to be a pub brawl, wouldn’t it? And we wouldn’t be doing any of that fancy fighting. It’s not like we know kung fu or anything. We’d just do what boys do,” The Wanted bandmember Jay McGuiness told the Daily Star newspaper about this supposed fistfight.

The Wanted are a bunch of twenty something year-olds who party with Lindsay Lohan and constantly get drunk. One Direction’s average age is like 18 and the most drama they get into is that Harry Styles is having sleepovers with Taylor Swift. Obviously, The Wanted is going to kick One Directions skinny-jean-wearing-Taylor-Swift-loving a*ses!

Max George of The Wanted joked that their feud with One Direction is because “I think they fancy us really. It’s just their way of flirting.”

Also, One Direction is pissed because they compared them to the Jonas Brothers, “It all started because we said they were like the Jonas Brothers. But we like the Jonas Brothers. We didn’t mean it offensively.”

Generally speaking, if you are NOT a teenage girl between the ages of 13 and 16 circa the years 2006-2008, any comparison to the Jonas Brothers will be taken offensively.

So anyway, the boy band feud is reportedly a real thing and not just something silly they talk about in interviews.

Back in November, Zayn of 1D called Max of The Wanted  a “geek” and a “wannabe” on Twitter and basically said, let’s throw some punches over Christmas when we both play the Jingle Ball concert in NY.

Max’s response? “The only problem I have with you is the sh*t banter. Grow up son.”

To which Zayn replied, “I’d f*cking love to, see you in new York big man ha u clown.”

So yeah, One Direction is getting their a*s handed to them next time they run into The Wanted. 

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