WATCH: ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Teasers Will Terrify You

Alyssa Merwin
(Photo: FX)

American Horror Story is returning for its sixth season on September 14 and the theme has still not been revealed.

FX released some new teaser trailers for the sixth season of AHS in an unconventional way: on Snapchat. They’re short and mysterious and we can only guess what they all mean. The first clip is of an old farmhouse with black smoke above it forming a question mark. Oh and you can hear a chainsaw in the distance. Creepy. The next teaser features a mobile above a baby crib with a knife dangling from it. There’s also a creepy demon hand. There’s actually a lot of creepy demon hands in the teasers. The last clip has way too many demon hands in my opinion.

We might not know what the theme is yet but I’ve got a feeling a haunted farmhouse is involved. 

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