Watch Emilia Clarke Completely Creeped Out by Jared Leto

Madison Vanderberg

On Saturday at the SAG Awards, “Game of Thrones” hottie Emilia Clarke fell victim to the weird charisma of Jared Leto and she was not having any of it.

On the red carpet, Jared interrupted Emilia’s solo interview to take her captive…


And compliment her sparkling eyes.


Emilia was all like, “uhhh.”


But Jared refused to let her out of his embrace while he creepily inspected her eyes some more.


So Emilia recovered the best way she knew how…


But we weren’t convinced.


Look at her plead with the interviewer with her eyes. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” she seemed to say…

Watch the unedited weirdness in full over at E! News.


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