Watch Harrison Ford Laugh Uncontrollably in the Best ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Interview Ever

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: ITV)

Okay, this is absolutely adorable.

Harrison Ford is known for two things: playing charismatic if increasingly grumpy action heroes, and being incredibly grumpy and disinterested throughout every promotional interview he’s forced to sit through.

One would think that the press tour for Blade Runner 2049 would be no different. Among Ford’s glum, grouchy boredom, though, shines one “interview” (in the loosest sense of the word) that he appears to have genuinely enjoyed – much to the annoyance of costar Ryan Gosling.

As part of an interview for British talk show This Morning, host Alison Hammond actually managed to get Ford not only to crack a smile, but to emit a deep belly laugh as she regaled him with a series of dumb jokes and witty banter.

Seriously, this interview is a joy to behold – it’s wonderful to see Ford absolutely losing it as he’s teased by Hammond, and it’s all the more enjoyable to see him stepping up to give banter of his own as a forlorn Ryan Gosling looks on in horror.

Then Ryan breaks open the whiskey, and things get even better.

Considering how rarely we ever get to see Harrison Ford smile unless he’s doing some acting, it’s wonderful to see just how much fun he’s having in this interview. It’s pretty clear that he’s found a kindred spirit in Hammond, and he’s eager to actually engage with her rather than treat her as a noisy distraction that he’s contractually forced to endure.

In fact, watching his face as he looks as her and takes in her jokes, it’s pretty clear that he’s crushing on her a little bit! Perhaps it helps that she clearly cares as little about the Blade Runner sequel as he does himself.

Ryan Gosling, meanwhile, is trapped being the third wheel between a flirting couple, and he’s clearly gritting his teeth to get through this. Somehow that makes the whole thing even more enjoyable – you wouldn’t expect Gosling to be the Straight Man to Ford’s antics, but he’s definitely enduring this rather than having as much fun as his costar.

It’s no wonder the internet has fallen in love with this little snippet of fun. Here’s hoping we can see Ford and Hammond reunite at some point in the future for another session of silly jokes and big laughs.

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