Watch Justin Bieber Twerk in a Onesie

Matt Dekneef

Fans waiting outside a Swedish hotel for Justin Bieber got more than they bargained for.

Not only was it just a glimpse of Justin wearing something ridiculous…

It was the Justin jackpot: the out-of-control singer wearing something ridiculous and literally being ridiculous.

As he left the premises, Justin breaks it down in a red pajama onesie, probably because the 7-year-old just woke up from his afternoon nap. Then he gives his fans an impromptu street dance as he twerks towards his tour bus.

He accessorized the outfit with the latest friend he met in the playground sandbox, his “Lil” Friend of the Moment. No, not Lil Twist, that’s Lil Za because LILDUH! Don’t you have every member of his “Lil” clique memorized? Or do you not collect all the Justin Bieber’s Entourage trading cards like us?

He may look like he’s having a good time, but for anyone who’s been following Justin’s antics of late, this gesture only makes us that much more worried. Whenever we see Justin rushing through crowds of fans and paparazzi he’s always hunched over like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Like a magical Pinocchio whose strings have just been cut.

With this latest exit, his condition has clearly degenerated, flailing his limbs about with no rhyme or reason. We can only hope he’s twerking his way to a chiropractor.

You know how you can tell someone’s a major Belieber? That person can stretch a rather uneventful 8-second video clip into a 1-minute-48-second “music video” complete with every trick in the iMovie manual. Color us impressed.

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