Watch Madonna “Booty Pop” in New Video

Matt Dekneef

Madonna. Even at 54, she’s always on the forefront of culture, the cutting edge of technology. By that we mean, she’s one of the first celebs to give us an Instagram video of noteworthy talking points.

In her first 15 second clip, Madonna sweats herself into a “booty pop” frenzy (her words), clad in workout gear for the camera. As we angle up her body, Madonna starts off with minor tap dancing before twerking it #nofilter. “Yeah, yeah, I’m addicted to sweat,” she exclaims, before pointing directly into the lens, at you, the viewer, and in affect, your soul.

Anyway, it’s one of those Things That Exist On The Internet and we’re morally obligated to show it to you here.

Again, the woman is in her mid-50s and she refuses to let her body just wither away into dust. Before you simply roll your eyes at her ability to mix everything with innuendo, her body is fitter than most and you’re still just sitting at your computer, probably with a bag of Gardetto’s, watching it.

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