Watch Selena Gomez Storm Off Stage at Christmas Concert

Matt Dekneef

Selena Gomez was NOT happy with her performance at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball over the weekend.

You can hear that much for yourself in this video just moments after her set concludes, shouting “What the f**k?” and then storming off the stage.

Probably thinking her mic was off, Selena didn’t wait to get backstage to vent her obvious frustrations with what was allegedly a sound issue during her song.

You almost can’t believe it’s Selena’s voice considering her generallysqueaky-clean image.

Though maybe she was just in character and it should’ve been expected given she went for a darker look—a jet-black bob and vampy red corset.

According to concertgoers, something was obviously not right because Selena kept fumbling with her earpiece and it looked like she was lip-syncing.

Selena, who was reportedly said to have two more songs to do, ditched her mic and walked off.

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