We Need a Team Thor Movie

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

They’re back!

After the dust settled last year on Civil War, and once fans set aside their differences over whether they were Team Cap or Team Iron Man, we got a glimpse of what Thor was up to at the same time.

The short mockumentary, Team Thor, was directed by Taika Waititi, who is helming Thor: Ragnarok, and in addition to serving as a cute promo for the feature length film which will debut later this year, it also gave fans a fun laugh at the expense of the seriousness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the web of plot points that lead to Thanos, and the bizarre nature of Thor’s backstory.

The adventures of Thor and his flatmate Darryl now continue, with a second, shorter video, filmed all in one location, which sees the pair arguing over rent – after all, no matter what Thor claims his home currency is worth in Australian dollars, there’s no way Darryl will be able to get that good of an exchange rate.

The absurdity of this is hilarious, and it’s fun to see Chris Hemsworth play Thor as a large, obnoxious annoyance who refuses to see reason.

Considering that neither of the Thor movies that we’ve seen up to this point have been as well received as the best of the Captain America or Iron Man movies, Marvel really needs to knock a Thor film out of the park to prove what the character is capable of.

As such, it would be wonderful to have an entire movie of Team Thor’s wacky juxtaposition of fantasy and modern life.

As Taika Waititi is directing Ragnarok, we might just get this. Here’s hoping, though, that poor Darryl will get to appear in the movie for at least a single scene.

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