What Ashton Kutcher Would Ask Steve Jobs

Matt Dekneef

Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in the new film Jobs, which follows the ascent of the late Apple founder, from his early years in the ‘70s to his introduction of the iPod in the early aughts.

Jobs was an inspirational figure to many, a tech icon whose presence was felt far outside the inner workings of Silicon Valley. Ashton never had a chance to meet the genius, but if he did, we threw him this nearly impossible question: If you only had one question for Jobs, what would you ask him?

“I’d probably explain to him the things I was trying to accomplish in the world and explain to him the tactics I was using to do it and I would ask him for feedback,” Ashton told Hollyscoop at the film’s LA premiere.

Sounds smart enough. When someone builds an empire from scratch, changing the world one invention at a time, it’d be a no-brainer to ask his advice regarding your own ambitions.

“I would ask him to be brutally honest,” Ashton added. “I think that he was the kind of person where it didn’t matter if whether he was sitting with an employee, his son, or the President of the United States, he always told them what was on his mind and what his honest feedback was.”

After tirelessly studying the American entrepreneur for months, Ashton knows a thing or two about Jobs’ psyche.

“I would probably try to find something that I was a little insecure about and I felt people were lying to me about, so I would ask him that and try to get his feedback.”

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