What Britney Refused to Do in Her New Music Video

Matt Dekneef

Britney Spears is a lot sweeter than she looks in the music video for her single “Work B*tch.”

While filming, she refused to whip one of her female dancers to the satisfaction of producers.

According to a source for Mirror Online, Britney had a disagreement with the crew over a scene in which she was supposed to crack a whip on one of her female backup dancers and crawl away on the floor.

“The crew kept telling her she wasn’t doing it forcefully enough,” the source said. “They kept stopping the take and said, ‘Be rougher, Britney—drive the whip harder, push her, kick her.’”

Britney didn’t approve of the order at all and politely declined.

“She didn’t raise her voice, but repeated the same phrase over and over in her soft Southern accent, saying, ‘No, I will not do this,’” the source continued. “She was clearly very uncomfortable with it, despite seeming happy to be wearing the sexy clothes.”

In the end, the producers reached a compromise with the singer. She still wielded the whip, but “with less vigor than they wanted.”

If Britney doesn’t want to do something, she doesn’t do it. Guess she did crack the whip on set, in a way. 

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