What Catherine Zeta-Jones Will Make in the Divorce

Madison Vanderberg

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reportedly “separated” and most likely heading to splitzville (gah, don’t you hate when gossip writers use the phrase “splitzville?”). But when and if that day comes, how’s it going to go down?

Michael Douglas is worth A LOT of money and Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn’t been that relevant in recent years so, like most “rich guy” divorces, Catherine could walk away with half of his HUGE fortune.

Let’s break down their assets.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Net Worth: $45 Million

Michael Douglas’ Net Worth: $200 Million

Catherine could walk away with a settlement close to double her solo net worth!

Their property –


The Upstate NY Home: While Michael Douglas is on a solo vacation, Catherine is at home with the kids in their $5.75 million home in upstate NY.

Bermuda: There is no price available for this home because it’s been in the family for so many years, but it’s estimated to be worth a few million dollars.

Wales: The couple also has a home in Wales, which took about $1 million to build.


Jaguar XJR: Catherine zips around in an $83K sports car, a Jaguar XJR.

Toyota Prius: Michael drives the economically sound Toyota Prius valued at $37K.

Range Rover: The couple shares a $100K Range Rover.


Michael has invested his money in lavish vacation properties like the Devonshire-based Hotel Ariel Sands Beach Club. Catherine might have a stake in some of those investments as well. 





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