What Do We Learn From the New “Doctor Who” Teaser?


(Photo: BBC)

There’s a brand new itty bitty teaser for the upcoming season of “Doctor Who”, and while it doesn’t give away an awful lot about what’s coming, there are a few secrets hidden in plain sight.

The new logo is the big draw here – after the deliberately retro look that “Doctor Who” sported during the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi years, this new logo ditches a cool blue color scheme in favor of something warmer, with reds, oranges, and yellows that are vaguely reminiscent of the David Tennant era.

Sure, this logo was also used for Christopher Eccleston, but let’s be honest, the BBC is really trying to hammer home the David Tennant connection, since he’s the hot, funny Doctor that enjoyed the limelight when the show’s modern incarnation was at its peak popularity.

What’s interesting about the this teaser, though, is what it looks like as the Tardis moves through time and space.

Where in the recent past we’ve always seen a kind of vortex of portal tunnel, filled with flashy lights and pretty swirls of color, here it looks as if the Tardis in motion feels more like it’s moving through water, sending ripples through the multiverse as it pushes rocks and space debris out of its way.

There’s almost a feeling of Jack Kirby-esque cosmic weirdness to this; the kind of weird visual that would feel at home in, say, a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie.

This makes sense – “Doctor Who” has survived over the years primarily because the show has always managed to evolve to keep up with modern trends of the times.

When television was almost always education, “Doctor Who” was a time travel show about discovering and learning from ancient cultures. When spy adventures were all the rage, the Doctor wore a dapper cape and drove around in a supercar solving alien mysteries.

Source: BBC

Part of the fun of “Doctor Who” is that the show can change genre, tone, and style with each new regeneration. While it’s far too early to make assumptions about what we’ll get from this upcoming season, based on the teaser alone it looks like Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor will be enjoying some incredibly impressive visual treats among the stars.

This new revamp of the classic sci-fi show keeps looking better and better!