This Is What Happens When Lorde, Taylor Swift and Kiernan Shipka Go Shopping Together

Madison Vanderberg

Taylor Swift and Lorde, AKA Hollywood’s hottest BFFs, went shopping together in LA.



This comes just days after they went beaching together.



Anyways, Hollywood’s newest power couple hit up Free People in Brentwood for some girl bonding and retail therapy.


And to spend their most-powerful-women-in-pop-music cash on some hats.



And white tees.



Lorde bought something but Taylor ultimately left empty-handed.


Because she was like, “Let’s get out of here and hit up Rag & Bone in West Hollywood.”


Which is ridiculous, because there’s totally a Rag & Bone down the street from where they already were. Whatever.


But when they got to West Hollywood, they ran into KIERNAN SHIPKA!


Yes, Kiernan of “Mad Men” fame.


Who was completely starstruck upon meeting Taylor Swift for the first time.

Fern/Splash News


Then, we assume, Kiernan invited the girls to go to brunch together and Lorde took her up on the offer.


We’re assuming Taylor left the teens to their brunch, seeing as Kiernan is like, 14 and Taylor is 24.


But who is that other girl at brunch?



Yes, that’s Amandla Stenberg AKA RUE from The Hunger Games!


It was a veritable who’s who of the under-18 Hollywood scene.

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