This Is What It’s Like to Meet Ariana Grande: A Fan’s Nightmare

Emma Collins
(Photo: Hollyscoop)

Over the VMA weekend, the music industry stuffed itself into the LA Forum for a night of unpredictable performances. Many of those stirred up controversy, but there was one piece of behavior, allegedly from Ariana Grande, that is causing fans to raise a stern eyebrow at the star.

After participating in a meet-and-greet she won through MTV and Pepsi, one “Arianator” is changing her own tune, according to the girl’s father who wrote this blog post explaining how the whole thing went down (not good, if it’s to be believed). You can read it all for yourself, but in the meantime, we’ll extrapolate the highlights:

The winner, Jennifer O’Connor, first met Ariana by chance in 2011 in Las Vegas.


This was before Ariana became the superstar she is today. She had a memorable and nice interaction with the singer, saying they took photos together where “Ari threw up a peace sign” and they “chatted for a minute or two.”


Just this past weekend, three years later, Jennifer met Ariana again and it didn’t unfold the same way. After spending days working on a piece of artwork for the singer that won her the meet-and-greet, Ariana was “icy.”


“She then approached her fans without a smile—just an icy look as she toyed with her hair. She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants. Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer [that they not present her with any gifts].”


“She spent perhaps 15 seconds with each of them. That is not an exaggeration. They took an approved photo with her and that was it. No small talk. No banter.”



Jennifer then showed Ariana the photo they first took together in Vegas. “Ms. Grande glanced at the photo on Jen’s phone and said, ‘Let’s redo that picture.’ She said nothing else, so Jen retook the photo.”


That’s the photo they took—“no peace sign from Ari this time. Then Jen took out one of the drawings that won the contest for her. Kelly [Jennifer’s older sister] snapped a photo of her smiling little sister giving Ariana the drawing.”


When Kelly asked if Jennifer could keep the photo of her showing Ariana her drawing, “Ariana turned to her security and ordered, ‘Make sure she deleted those.’”


“Then, Ariana Grande walked away from her prize-winning fans without even saying goodbye.”



Following this blog post, new screenshots of a direct message exchange with Ariana have been floating around, claiming that Jennifer drew a picture of Ariana with her late grandfather.


Jennifer confirmed on Twitter that this is true.



Here’s the drawing:


So, is Ariana to blame? Or was it all a misunderstanding? Poor planning on the part of the contest organizers? What do you think?

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