What It Takes To Date Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain won’t date other actors because she thinks they are boring. I’m sorry, that came out wrong, Jessica Chastain won’t date other actors, because she doesn’t want to talk about acting when she comes home from work, she finds THAT boring.

“I realized I wanted just to be able to hang out with someone… And I didn’t want to talk about the business, first of all,” Jessica tells InStyle UK, “I love movies. But I love talking about them like when I was 15 years old. I’m a film fan, but I don’t want to talk about auditions or what movie I’m gonna do. I find that so boring.”

She also says she can’t date other actors, because it’s impossible to stay-under-the-radar when two actors date each other.

“I have a rule. No actors.  I have dated an actor before, at Juilliard [drama school], but since then, I’ve only been on a couple of dates with one and I was so freaked out someone was going to take a picture of us, because they were famous.”

Who!? Who!?

Ehhh, the actress is super anti-fame, saying she IS dating someone right now, but won’t reveal who he is, only saying “a few people in the fashion world” know him.

Ooh la la, she’s dating a male model, probably.

As for her super anti-Hollywood stance she says, “Fame and money have not been my goals. If they had, then this probably would not have happened, because this all happened from independent films. Not big pay checks.”

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