What Is Josh Hartnett Even Up To?

Madison Vanderberg

If you Google “Josh Hartnett career,” this is the first thing to pop up:


But like, seriously though you guys, WHAT IS EVEN UP WITH JOSH HARTNETT THESE DAYS?

Josh Hartnett was like the precursor to Ashton Kutcher. Completely B-List, hot, not in that many good movies (except for Black Hawk Down), but very famous nonetheless.

He was such a cutie in The Virgin Suicides though.



He broke our hearts in Wicker Park.



He was a full-blown hunk in Lucky Number Slevin.


Even if he ate that weird sandwich.


And he was a sexual flower whisper in 40 Days and 40 Nights.



But since his 2006 role in The Black Dahlia,


We have literally NEVER heard of ANY of the movies he’s made:



What the hell is Bunraku and WHY is Woody Harrelson in it?!



Hartnett completely FELL OFF after 2006.

He dated Scarlett Johansson until 2007.

Jeff Vespa/WireImage

That should have fueled his fame for a bit? It didn’t.


Then he moved on with Helena Christensen.


Which didn’t help Josh’s plummeting relevancy because Helena hasn’t been relevant herself since the ’97 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


The saddest part is that in 2011, he told Entertainment Weekly that he was working on a “big ol’ thing in Hollywood, which I can’t really talk about yet.”

No idea what he was referring to, because, uhhh, we still haven’t seen that “big ol’ thing” yet.

Then in 2012 he dated Amanda Seyfried and SHE was having a HUGE moment because of Les Miserables and that movie she did with Justin Timberlake.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

So everyone was like “Oh, she’s dating Josh Hartnett? Remember HIM?”


And then he fell off again.

However, he IS starring in an upcoming Showtime series called “Penny Dreadful.”

Jonathan Hession/Showtime

It looks like the MOST random career move for Josh EVER. Is it a period piece horror series?


He’s dating some chick named Tamsin Egerton now.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images


They met on the set of the movie Singularity aka one of Josh’s lost films of the post-2006 era.



And that’s what Josh is up to these days.

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