What to Look Forward to in 2014

Madison Vanderberg

The year 2013 was eventful for celebs. There was the royal baby. Miley Cyrus annoying takeover. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s engagement, followed by Kanye’s delusions of grandeur…we can only HOPE 2014 comes close to being as exciting as this year. Here are SOME things we can count on for the new year.

This is what we’re looking forward to in 2014.

Gwen Stefani’s Baby: Gwen Stefani surprised everyone when she subtly announced by way of her growing belly that she’s having a third child. The mommy blogs are all over her pregnancy and can probably already tell us the exact day in 2014 that she’s due.

Kim and Kanye’s Wedding: Kanye has already said that he and Kim would get married sometime in the summer and he’s made no secret that it will be a huge effing deal.

Kelly Clarkson’s Baby: Kelly’s baby isn’t due until early summer 2014, but she’s SO excited about it and so sick from the pregnancy. For her sake, we just want the baby to get here already!

Simon Cowell’s Maybe Wedding: Simon’s hinted at marrying his baby mama and there are tabloid sources that claim he’s already bought an engagement ring, so we’re waiting on an engagement or a wedding or something.

The Hunger Games: Some people haven’t even seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and we’re already getting excited for the November 2014 release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

Coachella: Coachella is our favorite time of year because random celebrities crawl out of their LA dens and mix and mingle with music festival-goers while wearing their version of “hippy” clothes. Expect Coachella 2014 to go down in April.

Miley Cyrus Goes on Tour: Miley Cyrus kicks off her Bangerz tour just after Valentine’s Day and we’re only excited because she’ll fill our raunchy quota daily. 

Mila and Ashton’s Wedding: Though they aren’t even engaged yet, these two have been followed by engagement/wedding rumors more closely than any other celeb couple and quite frankly it’s annoying. Get hitched already so we can stop sort of caring. 

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