What is Miley Cyrus Doing In This Lil Kim Video?

Madison Vanderberg

Miley Cyrus is seriously worrying us. Not only is her fiancé maybe-or-maybe not cheating on her, her wedding might or might not be called off, and her hair is just another struggle in and of itself…but now Miley is playing a video-ho in a Lil’ Kim music video, because that’s normal.

Lil’ Kim has emerged from obscurity to film a music video with upcoming rapper Tiffany Foxx for the song “Twisted.”

Miley has a cameo in the video and by cameo, we mean, she makes this face A LOT.

Miley just kind of mugs out with those glasses on and that’s it. Is she friends with Lil’ Kim? How did they meet? Does Lil’ Kim know that Miley was once on a Disney show? And were the video-hoes from the Lil’ Wayne video not available or something?

Photos of Miley with the rapstresses popped online last month and we immediately had déjà-vu. Remember when Miley was in that rando low-budget music video for the artist Borgore? At least she was singing in that one.

Anyways, Miley is reportedly planning a music overhaul and she has a TON of hype for her upcoming tunes.

She recently tweeted, “My music is going to shut everyone up.”

With all this build-up her new music better be damn good and by that we mean, NOT country pop. 

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