What To Expect From Matthew Vaughn’s Possible “Kingsman 3”

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Considering the box office triumph of Matthew Vaughn’s “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, it’s not too surprising that the movie may well be getting a follow-up.

Sure, the sequel to the original “Kingsman” didn’t go down quite as well with critics, but if audiences are willing to turn up for another instalment, it makes sense for us to get one.

What’s interesting is that apparently Vaughn is considering being involved with the potential third film himself, rather than handing this over to another creator, as he did with the follow-up to “Kick Ass”.

“The Golden Circle” was Vaughn’s first attempt at making a sequel, rather than just doing a series of unrelated original films, and it’s clear that the director now has a taste for franchise-building.

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So how will “Kingsman 3” differ from what we’ve already seen?

Hopefully, Vaughn will be able to take many of the lessons he learned from “The Golden Circle”, and make sure that a third movie in this series doesn’t disappear into the same pitfalls.

One of the big criticisms of “Kingsman 2” was its underutilization of the Statesmen – the sequel sets up a big new universe of characters, but then fails to do much with most of them, with some disappearing for big chunks of the story.

Channing Tatum and Taron Egerton
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Instead, Colin Firth’s Harry Hart magically returns from the dead, seemingly for no other reason than that Vaughn wanted to copy the success of his first movie in the franchise.

With any luck, Vaughn will take a different approach with “Kingsman 3”, taking the story away from the established formula. It’d be fun to see a little more of Channing Tatum’s character, perhaps in a kind of buddy cop role to Taron Egerton’s Eggsy. This was the kind of movie we were promised in the marketing for “The Golden Circle”, and it’d be nice to actually enjoy a little more of the cultural clash between American and British superspies as two young guns go about the business of saving the world together.

One thing the third movie definitely needs to avoid is the kind of gratuitous, exploitative, pornographic image that appears in “The Golden Circle”. It feels as if Vaughn had the need to top his own anal sex joke from the first “Kingsman”, but even the actors involved didn’t want to film the scene of Eggsy inserting a tracker inside a woman in the most intimate way possible.

Kingsman 2 Controverial Scene
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It’s safe to say that Vaughn took things too far with this, and with his seeming inability to write a female character who exists as anything more than a one-dimensional sexy carboard cut-out.

Here’s hoping that Vaugh actually takes the time to speak to a real human female while working on this new movie, so that he can learn how they react when being propositioned by a stranger at a music festival or in a nuclear bunker.

In the meantime, one thing that might make a big difference to the future of the “Kingsman” franchise is the potential purchase of Twentieth Century Fox by Disney.

Thus far, Disney has done a pretty good job of allowing Marvel to have grittier stories in their Netflix shows, in spite of the company’s historic preference for family-friendly viewing.

That said, “Kingsman” inhabits a real grey area with regards to the franchise’s content – it’s sweary and sexy, but strangely free from gore and bloodshed.

Both movies push the boundaries of decency while still aiming for a teen audience, and if Disney wants to fold Fox under their own company banner, they may feel that these films are just a little too risqué to exist in their current form.

Kingsman Eggsy and Harry
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This could mean that a future “Kingsman 3” might need to be toned down a little, in which case much of the series’ popularity will probably wane. Alternatively, Disney might prefer it if “Kingsman” goes full “Deadpool”, and dials up the blood, sex, and violence to the point that it’s clearly not typical childhood fare.

Whatever’s going to happen, one thing is certain: with Disney behind the wheels and eager to milk every last drop from this fledgling franchise, we will eventually get a new “Kingsman” movie.

What that film will look like, is anybody’s guess.

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