This Is Who Robert Pattinson Is Supposedly Dating

Madison Vanderberg

According to UK gossip rag The Sun, Robert Pattinson is dating Cleo Wade, one of Katy Perry’s besties.

This is Cleo Wade.

Valentine NYC


This is Cleo Wade hanging out with Katy Perry.


They all went to Coachella together.


Cleo is Katy Perry’s stylist.


Which makes sense; her style screams “KATY PERRY.”


Cleo is also an artist.

Cleo Wade

This is something she made.


She’s very, uhmm, artistic.



According to The Sun, Rob and Cleo “seem to have good chemistry. They spent a lot of time together over the weekend.”


Imagine Rob and this girl vibing off each other and just having “good chemistry.”


They actually look like they would make a cute couple.


Well, they look like dirty hipsters that would like each other, no?


Is this Mrs. Cleo Pattinson?

Valentine NYC




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