Who Should Play These Legendary Singers in These Made Up Biopics

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Getty Images)

What if Hollywood made biopics for every legendary female singer…who would play them?

Selena Gomez as Jennifer Lopez

They are both triple threats and have eternal baby faces.


Miley Cyrus as Madonna

They both love to push the envelope sexually and musically, and they’re both equally mediocre singers…


Lady Gaga as Cher

Both are larger-than-life performers, and we’re sure Gaga will transition to acting sooner or later.


Jena Malone as Celine Dion

Apparently Jena Malone sings in a band when she’s not acting. She might not be the singer Celine is, but they have the same facial structure, FOR SURE.


Solange as Diana Ross

Both women have the same love for big hair!


Keke Palmer as Whitney Houston

Keke can act AND sing, and would do a great job with the role regardless of those bizarre rumors claiming Rihanna is the lead of a potential Whitney Houston biopic.


Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin

There have been rumors for nearly four years that Jennifer Hudson is going to star in a possible Aretha Franklin movie.


Hayden Panettiere as Dolly Parton

Hayden has already proven she can sing country on “Nashville.”


Demi Lovato as Gloria Estefan

Sometimes we feel like Demi Lovato is Gloria Estefan.


Beyoncé as Tina Turner

Beyoncé is the ONLY one with Tina Turner’s stage presence and LEGS!


Zoe Kravitz as Chaka Khan

Zoe could easily play a young Chaka Khan.


Sky Ferreira as Debbie Harry

We feel like Sky brings a photo of Debbie Harry to her hairstylist whenever she gets it cut. 


Kesha as Cyndi Lauper

Kesha basically stole her look from young Cyndi Lauper.


Evan Rachel Wood as Barbra Streisand

Evan Rachel Wood CAN sing, and we feel like she has the acting chops for the role.


Colbie Caillat as Stevie Nicks

We have yet to see her acting skills, but she has the voice and the vibe down to play Stevie.


Lea Michele as Bette Midler

Lea could honestly match the voice of anyone, but she would make a GREAT Bette.


Lana Del Rey as Judy Garland

Lana Del Rey is the perfect blend of tragic and glamorous, like the late Judy Garland.


Anne Hathaway as Liza Minnelli

Anne could easily sing and act her way through the early part of Liza’s career.


Ariana Grande as Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande might be the only person with a vocal range anywhere near Mariah’s. 

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