Who Should Play Young Hillary Clinton in Upcoming Biopic?

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It’s Hillary Clinton, the movie!

Yes, by now you’ve likely heard the story of the covert script circling studio boardrooms that documents the life of Secretary of State Clinton during her time the 1970s. 

The screenplay, titled Rodham—by Hollywood newcomer, Young Il Kim—landed at the number four spot on 2013 Black List and has the caught plenty of buzz in its gestation period. 

So, Hollyscoop—being the angelic Samaritans that we are—took to doing studio heads a solid, going through some of the names being thrown around (both in our office and on the Internet) to play Hillary. Because, frankly, this movie needs to happen.

Here are some thoughts on who could embody the Chicago-native, girl power-fueled political animal:

Jennifer Lawrence: Not exactly the right look for the job, but there’s no denying Jennifer’s acting chops—see Silver Linings Playbook and Winter’s Bone—definitely up to the task. 

Ellen Page: Sure, she’s Canadian, but can you honestly pick out a more perfect choice to pull off young Hillary’s 1970s’  fashion style? The answer is no. No, you can’t.

Kristen Stewart: Nah. Let’s save her for Fifty Shades or another Snow White movie or something. 

Scarlett Johansson: An automatic contender for the role if and when it happens. Blond hair, good looks, right age… Easy win.

Hayden Panettiere: We’ve collectively decided that Hayden is a little too glam for Hillary. We’d rather have her invest her free time in many more seasons of “Nashville.”  

Lindsay Lohan: Just kidding… NO ONE is considering this professional partier for the role. Unless, of course, producers are OK with filming from inside a detention center or rehab facility.

Amanda Seyfried: We’re all for this choice here in the HS office. Amanda’s got the look and, based on her appearance in the holiday moneymaker Les Mis, she can sing too! Which, word on the street, will come in handy, because the screenplay is said to have singing involved in it…

Rachel McAdams: Since Mean Girls, she’s proven herself time and time again. It might be worth giving her a leading role in the political drama just to see what happens. 

Dakota Fanning: To young?

Elizabeth—aka “The Other”—Olsen: Fully endorsed by us! Remind me again why Mary-Kate and Ashley are more popular than the girl that wowed us in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Oh, “Full House,” right…
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