Who Is Theo James and Why Is He Trending?

Matt Dekneef

As everyone with an Internet connection has realized by now, Divergent, the film based on the young adult series, released a new trailer 24 hours ago and fans have united in full force. At the center of all the hype are Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

We all remember Shailene from her Oscar-nominated turn in The Descendants, but what about Theo?


Theo’s a 29-year-old Brit.


He plays Four in the upcoming Divergent series.


His Google image results page is basically the best page on the entire Internet.


This is his face.


These are his dark eyes.


You might remember them from the first episode of “Downton Abbey.”

When he played Kemal Pamuk, the Turkish diplomat who died during a sexual encounter with Lady Mary Crawley.


He’s of Greek, English and Scottish descent.

A striking mix.


Green is OBVIOUSLY his color.


And he really knows how to rock a plaid shirt.


Look at him crossing a street.


Again, this is his face.


He made his film debut in Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

Which is fitting considering he himself is a tall, dark and handsome stranger.







But not a stranger anymore.


His name is Theo James.

And now he’s the wallpaper on your phone.

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